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Offshore energy recruiting and employment international services, we are never more than a swift email away from all our service users and valued clients around the world


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Offshore Jobs is easy to contact, even outside normal office hours. This includes hot-line email support available around the clock to accommodate our clients in all parts of the world and living in various time zones including in offshore energy operations.

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Welcome to a specialised offshore energy recruiting service tailored just for you. Discover a seamless connection between global talent and cutting-edge projects as we streamline the process for precision in talent acquisition. Access a curated pool of industry experts, exceeding the stringent standards of the offshore sector and ensuring you are equipped for success in your next project.

Recognising the pivotal role you play in offshore energy endeavours, our service is designed to alleviate the challenges faced by contractors like you. Gain a strategic advantage in talent acquisition, going beyond traditional methods to identify candidates with the requisite skills and adaptability needed for the dynamic offshore environment. Entrust your staffing needs to us for a competitive edge in assembling a team that propels your project to new heights.

Elevate your offshore energy career with our dedicated recruiting service. Prioritising precision and efficiency, our dedicated consultants ensure you have a competitive advantage as part of a team tailored for the demanding offshore environment. Beyond traditional methods, our expertise identifies professionals with the right skills and adaptability to thrive offshore. Power your career with the right opportunities by partnering with us for a successful career in offshore energy.

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Access our platform and be matched against thousands of offshore job opportunities around the world in many energy industry sectors including oil & gas and wind.

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