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Why choose a career in the offshore energy industry? Because the industry is today a stable and skilled sector that is always hiring new talent from diverse working backgrounds and has opportunities for all skill levels in many areas

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Today more than ever there is a wide range of employment opportunities in the offshore energy sector. From oil & gas, to wind farms, to tidal energy production. These industries are certainly making waves!

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Climate change is real and with us now. And there's currently a serious energy crisis. So energy production across all sectors is in overdrive

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Working in offshore energy means that your skills and experience are often readily transferable not only between projects but also from operator to operator. And re-training is regularly available when required

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Find the latest Wind Turbine Jobs & Wind Farm Jobs. Don’t miss out on your next great career opportunity


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World wide jobs in offshore oil & gas at all stages of the project lifecycle and in many parts of the world


Promoting diversity is today a priority for the offshore energy sector to ensure that oil & gas as well as renewables are more innovative and successful in future. So we’re looking to secure the best talent from the greatest variety of backgrounds, and actively encourage people from all walks of life to join us in the offshore energy industry

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