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The job of an Offshore Client Representative (OCR) or an Offshore Client Rep is one requiring an accumulation of practical understanding gained through experience, the application of knowledge, and the ability to observe objectively, then accurately communicate these observations.

What are Offshore Client Representative jobs?

Offshore Client Representatives (OCR) are often Master Mariners who play a fundamental role in the efficient execution and successful delivery of onshore and offshore projects whilst maintaining the integrity of a client’s organisation. They act on behalf of project clients endeavouring to protect their best business interests by using their, often considerable, experience gained through extensive experience in the marine industries.

The Offshore Client Representative (OCR) has no contractual authority, but does have the authority to intervene or stop the operation in case of safety, quality infringements or in any instance of agreed procedures not being followed by the contractor. The Offshore Client Rep will conduct regular visual inspections of offshore work that is in progress and verify that it is carried out in compliance with agreed procedures.

Today an Offshore Client Rep (OCR) in the energy sector can work in the traditional Oil & Gas industry and increasingly in the Renewable Energy sector, typically in Offshore Wind projects.

Offshore Client Representative jobs qualifications

An Offshore Client Representative (OCR) or Rep should fully understand their roles and responsibilities as outlined by industry guidance documents issued by International Association of Oil & Gas Producers (IOGP) and International Marine Contractors Association (IMCA) as well are any legislative requirements due to area of operation.

Candidates for Offshore Client Representative jobs are highly experienced Master Mariners or experienced offshore project supervisors and managers with the relevant skills needed to become an effective and fully competent Offshore Client Rep.

There are also advanced training courses that provide comprehensive overviews of the common issues affecting offshore construction, diving and maritime operations and will include detailed information about legislation, guidelines and best practice.

Leadership and management training is also expected so that the OCR will be prepared with the skills needed to become an effective and fully competent Offshore Client Representative.

Short refresher courses are also readily available to enable both new candidates and experienced reps looking to refresh their skills stay up to date with the latest legislation.

Who can be an Offshore Client Representative?

Candidates for Offshore Client Rep jobs are typically highly experienced individuals and often Master Mariners, however that does not preclude others training or re-training to enter the profession. The following are typical backgrounds for budding OCR personnel:

  • A professional with several years of practical experience in the industry, who wants to use their background and technical or theoretical knowledge
  • Technical graduates who want to start an offshore career
  • Experienced offshore or maritime professional
    Have already been in similar roles in the oil and gas industry
  • Have a desire to work offshore and all that this entails

Offshore Client Representative jobs scope of work

Offshore Client Representative jobs (OCR jobs) cover a multitude of tasks and responsibilities, including but not limited to:

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